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its not called gymnicetics

i feel left out
because i had nothing better to do,
im glad wyatt joined me for lunch though.
today was wack, well only from lunch on, ok only maybe half of lunch, after being bummed and watching people and being bummed wyatt told me how he was having a conversation with clayton about me one time and my crush was like "courtney crowe?" So he totally knows who i am!!!
DRAMA WAS SO WACK. im not really that mad at my group, im just mad we did bad? so many of my lines got cut off, i had them memorized so much better and then it was just awful on stage. im so glad we had to stop halfway through for the bell, hopefully it will be better tomorrow.
then in social i had to write a realllly hard social test AND essay. fuck i was so mad and kept making noises during the test and looking like i was having a reallllly hard time. im pretty sure i failed, i was pulling so much shit about asia and africa out of my ass. i bet on my paper she will comment "poopy"
I like walking home with danny, because we always talk and its never akward and his cousin walked with us too and hes very nice and talkative.
im sort of sad i dont have dance tonight..thats a first!!!!!!!!!!
shit i work tomorrow

4:27 p.m. - 2006-04-20


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