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so im thinking of talking to the managers about my pay because from the sounds of it everyone is getting paid more than me. Andrew is so nice and helpful i love working with him!!!
so, katies going to hate me.. brendan quit! and i didnt even get his number! im really bummed and i had NO clue he was quiting! but he works at superstore so we can go stalk him out there
i dont remember if i wrote anything in here about dance power but we placed first with a gold. i was super stoked, but i mean our dance is just that good..and soooo different than everybody elses. The pictures are so cool, we look weird. anyways i stuck around to watch jessicas solo, that im sure she won. and maniquens which was wow, super good, but then another group came out at the end that i think might have beat them. I havent talked to anyone yet but i really hope they won!!
the weather is SOOO nice out! i think i might go for a bike ride or call on danny who knows!

4:54 p.m. - 2006-04-23


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