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my weekend was actually really fun
we drove to edmonton friday night, and got stuck in traffic, but we made it at like 12.
I hate my cousins cat, it always insists that it has to sleep with me or on my head, so i kept throwing it on my brother but i would come back so i locked it in trystans room.
Then we went to the graveyard and had our services
there were sooo many people there, my grandpa was so popular.
I read a poem, i didnt really think about it, i thought i would do fine. As soon as i started reading it by the second line i was balling. it was so hard and i bet no one could understand me,
i think i cryed the most out of everyone there, i didnt think i would but it was really sad.

After we went to the golf course for lunch, that was fun, my uncle pasqualie was there and he is so funny.
went to leahs then drove out with my brother and trystan to my aunties new house.
I love it so much! it looks like a barn and they have sooo much land. It was night when we got there so we just chilled and played checkers and they freaked me out.
the next day we had "bob's bbq" more people came. my cousins brought out their dunebuggy and it was so much fun. we made a track at the back of their land and made a trophy out of an old muffler, i didnt win anything. i got disqualified because on my 2laps i smoked a tree. hah
and we went quading and i caught a frog, it was just really fun. the day seemed sooo long. my brother got so drunk too. Then at night we just had a fire and killed these gross beetle things with our bug zappers, then today i went shopping
i dont like whats going on with everyone lately, i know its selfish but in a way you keep on being hyprocritical, i know you cant control these things and i dont want to be mean just in all honesty i dont know if it will work out, has it?

so im burnt and tired and i have alot of homework to do so i should get on that

8:03 p.m. - 2006-05-22


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