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i've been feeling like a pretty crummy friend lately. I'm sorry.
but some of my friends have been being pretty crummy too, groups and secrets and leaving people out isn't fun.

I didnt like seeing katie on friday night. it wasn't that i didnt like her in general, just that we weren't together, or hanging out.. and she was with someone i didnt know, and i felt so left out and clued out and im not in the know with her anymore!

I do like the way things have been going lately, i'm glad i can actually talk to people and not be nervous and just say whatever because it just makes things alot easier.

yo kims parents are so tight. I had a pretty good time last night at her fire. it was just chill, like no worries no rowdy people.. and we got to watch pump it and even nick rhys and sam stopped by
that was pretty nice of them i thought, thanks!

anyways im so excited for jail cell tango in drama, speaking of which i think i was spossed to burn the song, i should get on that!
and then i have so much other work to do! and i have to read,
end of the year is stressful!!!!!

1:44 p.m. - 2006-06-11


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