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Statements of Pure Honesty

1. You have been the best neighbor i have ever had haha. Im actually pretty bummed on the fact that you are moving and that we have just become really good friends. But seriously, you're really chill!

2. Sometimes, well alot of the time, i wish you were the same person you were last year. i still love you, especisally when you are that inspiring, positive 'live life' kind of guy. i miss hanging out with you and actually being able to talk to you

3. i miss you. alot. fuck, you are my bestest friend ever and i love you like no other. Even when we dont get to see each other that much, all i think about is what fun we could be having. you are just so dope and can make the shittest nights so fun. You've always had my back and i'll have yours..i love heart to hearts! bffae

4. i didnt know you at all this year but from the short time we've been friends i've felt really close. you are so sweet and i love spending time with you

5. Yo i've met you like twice? you seem like the dopest kid ever! i want to hang out with you and be sweet friends!

6. i love you so much. You are the most important person in my life. I look up to you and always want to do everything with you. Although i may just be your annoying sister, i admire you and think you are the coolest person ever. just going out to eat something means alot to me

7. You are crazy, i've known you for all my life and we are still such good friends. we share alot in common! and its sweet because hanging out with you is always fun and upbeat, like fucking ghost hunting or scrapbook creeping

8. haha, i have the biggest crush on you ever! thanks for coming to my dance recital with my brother. i cant believe im too embarrased to talk to you when you come over..its because im 12

9. You are really a sweet guy, i dont know you very well but you have been really nice to me. I understand where you're coming from with alot of things you say, you are alot more caring then your guy friends. i think if we keep talking we could become friends, so lets hang out!

10. You are the best. im so glad you're my best friend because i have so much fun with you. i love just fucking shit up and being able to rely on you i just wish sometimes you could rely on me?

11. i dont think of you as much. and im glad.. you really had brought me down

12. i wish you didnt have such a big ego. you used to be dope, to bad you changed..now you can be a real jerk!

13. You are such an amazing person. AMAZING. you have been such an inspiration and a mentor, i wish i saw you more then i did because you are just so unbelievable

14. you are fucking psycho, get some dignity.

15. Man you are the best. i love you so much. We've been through alot the past two years, but we've stayed friends even when it didnt seem like we would. Thanks for sticking around, i dont have any other friend like you.

16. even though i havent seen or heard of you lately, i still hate you
and i probably will for a very very long time

12:03 p.m. - 2006-06-17


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