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the last few days have been pretty good,
i like staying busy

melanie is back home from her years of being away. we had a few kiddos over to katies and played cards. cards are so much fun.
then i hung out with nick rhys and luke. it's crazy how people can be so into pellet guns like them. rhys didnt know what day it was and was late for work, i thought it was pretty funny
i saw step up!!! omg i was so excited and it was sooo good, channing tattum is so hot and such a good dancer!
after we went for kyles birthday dinner with dan and his friend at sushi ginza!! which was really good, then we just ended up meeting up with mike s and them and biking haha then we watched back to the future. i've forgotten what a good movie that is!! i love michael j fox!!!!!!!!!!!
and going back in time!!
wow anyways i have to go to work soon and then maybe seeing spenny

1:13 p.m. - 2006-08-12


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