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wow it has been such a fun weekend.
i think i have been in the best mood i have been in since forever!
i have to thank mel and katie, melissa aimee lauren and ali for everything! i have had such a great birthday and i hope you know you were the ones that made it that way
friday night was fun, i really like going out for dinner with just girl friends, and it was really nice that melissa had people over. i got to put my drinking games i got from lauren and aimee to use!
and last night was really fun, i like meeting new people and seeing people you havent for a while.
and im sorry you didnt feel better mel, i wish you had a better time.
and i feel really good because i have been talking to spencer more, and alot of poeple that i really want to be good friends with, like melissa and lauren!
man im just having a fab time. until tomorrow..when i have to go to school!

6:30 p.m. - 2006-09-24


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