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so my weekend was pretty good.
on friday i had my last in class drivers ed and JUST passed my written test, but i did pass so, weee!
after i was done spencer picked me up from school and we went back to my house and watched the lords of dogtown. i think it has over ruled love actually as my favorite movie? i made spencer take home grind with him haha..
we just hung around and ate pizza and stuff
later on katie came over and we played scatagories (junior) because we obviously aren't mature enough for the adult edition. it was a good night.
me and spen havent hung out for so long and the first time we do its like 7 hours together!?!?!

on saturday i didnt wake up till 1:30. i still dont feel like i am caught up in sleep. i told myself i was going to finish my social but i ended up going for dinner with my brother then going to rent the girl next door except they wouldnt let me because my mom is the only name under our card. so i came home and ended up talking to scott. he invited me to go to alans so i went! it was pretty fun, i actually havent seen alan in forever!! it was nice actually talking to richard because i never really have before? he is a nice guy and i felt bad because he was hurt from hockey. i really like alans parties, except when there are kids in the bathroom turning purple and twitching with their eyebrows shaved off, or there are real orgie naked dance parties going on. i felt bad for alan, hes a really good guy, people should know better than that.
me and katie got home at a decent time and i tryed to do some more social.
i had to wake up super early for run for the cure. this year it was me my mom debbie and danielle and it rained the whole way. it was fun though, all the houses decorated and there was ATON of people, wayyyy more than there has been before. my mom always gets the pink "survivor" shirt that they give out every year. she was wearing her old one and spilt coffee all over it so she put on the 2006 one and there was already coffee all over it, she was such a mess!
i had to go straight to work. it was so busy today and both me and adam were in bad moods. i hate working in the fits. i get mad when no one is there to help them to a room and they just stand there waiting like an idiot, but i hate when you are there and they just go and walk into a room. LIKE FUCK
anyways here i am once again trying to finish my social. i hope i know what im doing, ive already phoned chad to ask what the hell im even spossed to be writing about.
i dont think im even going to have time to study for "othello"

6:25 p.m. - 2006-10-01


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