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Today was the best king ball game (or worst?)
team 1: Kenall, lisa, me, Emma, Johnston, Chad, Wyatt, Joey, Mike hunter, Mike prest, clayton haworth
team 2: Lisa, Alana, Lauren, Luke, Kellan, Dave, Sam swain, Eric

it was pretty intense game. i was so bummed on losing! I thought we would win forsure, our team was loaded with like football players etc. Sam dominated though. It was embarrasing because we lost all three games. It was nice of emma to play, i was asking pretty much everyone to play! She was the only one in grade 10 hah
today i did really good on my social pop quiz. I actually really like evan and riley, i have a really sweet social class. evan is so nice! he marked my test today and he would put a sad face beside the answers i got wrong,
i got new shorts for dance, im really excited to wear them tomorrow. I also bought the shirt joey has, so i probably wont wear it to school.
i really dont want to read any more of the stone carvers, its such a boring book but i need 100 pages read for friday.
its already 6:30..where did the day go. all i want to do is sleep but then i wont be able to get anything else done?

You know what i noticed. I always get these weird crushes on these random people in random classes, and the whole time im interested in them i never get the chance to really be good friends with them. and as soon as im over the stupid crush for some reason we become good friends, like i wanted. just at the wrong time. oh well! i love all my friends and all my new friends like evan and jeremey and misho i thought it was funny because i saw jeremey the other day after school and i called him a drama fag, hah

6:20 p.m. - 2006-10-04


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