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what the heck,
i was so glad today that my driver instructer phoned me sick.
i got to sleep in till 1
i dont know why im so tired all the time. im actually really tired right now, maybe i dont have enough iron?
i tryed to do as much homework as i could, which was mostly english. i hate english. i really wish i had mr.f this year

this weekend was pretty good, except when people get too drunk, not cool.
going down town was fun even with all the zombies. i think the girl at divine wanted to marry spencer she was so in love with him.
it was nice going to spencers house, i havent been there since...oh god i cant even remember.. the time i was there with melanie. i dont know when that was.
things are going good right now, i love my friends and alan and richard and their friends, i love dance.. well until tuesday when they post try out results. i will be so mad if i dont get put into the small jazz group, especially if they put me in a ballet group. and work isnt that bad, other than there being cliques, katrina bugs me. theres this whiteboard where people write messages to each other and i just scribbled all over it and said courtney is the best.
and yeah,
i really want to husky sweets!! i hope maile sends me some.
and i cant wait for my mom to come home, and see all her pictures and all the cool stuff she got, and here about all the cool shows she went too!

7:30 p.m. - 2006-10-15


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