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I wish it wasn't sunday, it sucks not having a sunday to sleep in. waking up at 5:20 on a sunday is not that fun.
This weekend was pretty low key but i had fun,
friday went to nah trang and ate with the boys which was nice since we don't always get one on one with them. Then after work i went over to spencer's and met his grandparents and watched spaceballs, we never got to watching the sears catalog though
yesterday i had dance then went to crossroads market. I got a "lucky" elephant necklace and a print ok batman and robin and luke skywalker saving princess leia!! then melanie just came over and we played star wars and guitar hero for 5 hours. we are so cool. i think that staying in once in a while beats going out all night. Then i went to sleep nice and early since i had an early morning.
after work i stopped by lauren's to give her her late birthday present, i was sooo excited to here her weekend gossip, i bet she had a great birthday, i wish i went out with her! i was planning on stopping by spen's but i felt really sick so i came home and napped. im still sooo tired
i love hanging out with spen, lets hang out lots and lots and lots until you hate me (if you dont already!?!?!?!?!?!?)

p.s. melanie, don't you hate when you play the notes before you are spossed to !?!?! HAAHAHAHAHAHAH

4:16 p.m. - 2006-11-19


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