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random conversation between the guy i was partners with in a chem lab (but still dont know his name) and long hair guy:
Long hair: you know who i fucking hate, those fucking kids who stand infront of the door, real fucking cool
lab kid: yeah, they should be shot in the face
Long hair: no, skinned alive, it would hurt so much more
pause..look back at me
me: yeah,

haha it was so random and awful, i dont really want to skin anyone alive!
school has been really stressful this week, its like they are trying to cram every single little thing you need to know in your brains that are over flowing, i cant take anything more!!!

spens dog looks so cute, i am so jealous. i cant wait to me him/her im thinking it a girl? maybe i can be its auntie!

im looking forward to drama showcase again tonight, chelsea's play last night was so funny, when matt made his cameo and came on stage and slipped i was crying i was laughing so hard. i think matt is just, a character, i hope he goes really far in life! same with chelsea and rachel, they are such a good pair..i wish they were in my drama class. watching the shows just make me so pumped for next semester

4:11 p.m. - 2007-01-11


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