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whats with everyone and cooking! cook me something please, or teach me, because I feel that i am really lacking in this area.
this is a message to katie which is totally out of the blue. but i found your high school hockey crushes profile on facebook haha!!!
If you didn't see prison break last night you really missed out, it was so good!
I am really bad at studying for exams, I just can't keep my mind on it, and i find myself doing other stupid stuff like playing star wars online yelling "LUKE I AM YOUR FATHER" over the mic and all the little people in gamers world getting so mad!
I don't think i have really anything else to say. the other night feels like it was the first time i hung out with katie and mel in forever, it was weird but enjoyable, and random!

10:53 p.m. - 2007-01-22


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