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my mom is obsessed with facebook and looking at all my friends pictures. Except she is computer deprived and doesn't know how to open anything, i keep on having to remind her that now a days we no longer have to double click and that just one will do the job!
we are going to go see the holiday in an hour and im excited because i really enjoyed that movie.
i really need something new in my life, everything is just getting over played. I try not to say that in a bad way, because there are somethings I will never get sick of (like slurpees and nintendo) but things just seem to be repeating themselves, come on guys do something different!
well i better practice my monologe for tomorrow

OH! i rented sister hood of the travelling pants and now i really want to go to greece and find true love

2:49 p.m. - 2007-02-11


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