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blah blah blah
last night i was thinking so much, i had a hard time going to bed
today was alright, it sort of sucks in drama that i miss the whole week of drama sports because the directors have to block our scripts, but its still fun especially when you get a bunch of cool ideas!
i enjoyed mcd's with harty zach and sam, it seems that at school i just dont have time to talk to anyone or have any actual conversations so it's nice to sit down and get the chance to do that
oh yeah and handsolo finally won our first game today! i brought emma to come play with us because aimee wasn't there, i love that girl, shes always in such a good mood and just so easy to hang out with.
those relationships are weird, where you dont actually really know a person but you get along so easily and its like you have been friends for a while
i dont know if i have dance or not tonight because its so hectic with competition coming up, everything is cancled or moved or doubled yikkkkeees

4:08 p.m. - 2007-03-27


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