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I wish this was going to be us again this year. Eff, virus did so good, I dont think I realized what a accomplishment it was to make it to power championships and place 3rd overall in div lll which has like what 200 or more groups?

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thats my schedule for today if anyone is interested at all. I would love if someone came! It's at the U of C theatre

Everything else is swell. I dont do much, dance, work, school and occasionally go out.
it's fun but it goes by slow

I'm going to Europe July 3rd with Katie, I can't even explain how exited I am. I am excited about every single thing except flying! I'm so scared, 8 hours, over the ocean. I'm going to be a wreck..flying the plane with my mind so we won't crash

then after that looks like I will be working then it will be back to school. I've been accepted to mount royal for marketing managment. I am so unsure, but I think as long as I am at school and being productive it will all work out

1:50 p.m. - 2007-04-21


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