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Statements of Pure Honesty
Write sixteen statements,
Intended to different people.
Never tell which one is to who

1. I miss you.The more I think about you the more I regret the way I treated you the last year. I just want to hang out with you and be friends again

2. you are so akward, that's all

3. Stop it, like everything. stop telling people stories that are twisted and minipulated. Stop making other people feel like shit by making them feel degraded

4.get better, because that's all you need. this is just a phase like last time and I hope you get through it because I know you can feel better about things and about yourself because you have. Maybe you just need sometime to think things through but things are going to be ok and I love you and I will love you even if somedays you can be the hardest person to talk to

5. I don't know what to think about you, I never have. I just don't know what direction to take, or if it should be taken or if it should have already been taken. We are so difficult, but I love you.

6. You are so hot. Your friends have the nicest things to say about you, I wish things went different. Also your friends like me better than her, I'm not a ditz (atleast I like to think so)

7. You are so strong, its unbelievable. You are a powerhouse inside and out and I love it, you are just amazing.

8. Funniest guy I know, i mean you can be degrading at times. All you do is get drunk and party with your boys but you have the funniest stories and just the warmest presence

9. I love you, and having you as a friend. I think our relationship is very different from the other ones i have, it's non-superficial..its the real shit. I feel like I could not see you for a month and not talk then go for a drive and tell you my life story

10. you are a tank. you need some lessons on how to take it easy on girls..but this is ok because you are on my team so i don't fear getting trampled by you

11. You remind me so much of him, so much it's crazy. all these little gestures are just so similar. You are so funny and cute

12. I like how I know you but don't at the same time. we've hung out more than once now but never talk in the halls. you are the cutest little kid i have ever seen, and i really wish I were friends with you because you seem like fun

13. stop talking about yourself! cool your boyfriend likes you we get it

14. I miss you, which is weird because we were never really friends this year. I always wonder if I stuck around or maybe even tried to influence you maybe you wouldn't be in treatment and graduating like everyone else. I hope you get better and learn that you could and had a better life. and even though it seems like I've left you behind because of who you became, I will always be there.

15. your brothers hot, I tell you every day and I apologize

16.You are awsome, you are there 24/7, what i need, just a click of a button and you are mine. computer you are the best friend I could ever have

9:59 p.m. - 2007-05-24


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