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I feel you really need to get over your communication problems, because it is becoming the problem.

Last night was alot of fun.
I was really really d
and rowdy
so I appologize for anything I said/did last night that might have not been in my usual character hahaha
I just remember jumping on everyone!
but none the less it was a good time, until I woke up this morning feeling awful.

Yesterday over all was just a good day. I like hanging out with people you haven't for a while because it's just like..fill in the regret and bad feelings you have when you don't see them.
This morning I had dance and it was fun, we went for pizza then anna lee and robyn came over for a bit.
Now I am waiting for riley to get home and then Rebecca zack and I are going over for bbq/pool
it will be a good time

7:25 p.m. - 2007-06-09


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