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Oh the lovely feeling of freedom and summer.
I always feel like I have so much to do but so little time..the reality is, summer is long and I don't have much of a life to fill the long days with.

as of late things haven't been to bad though.
Last week I finished exams and did nothing at all because I didn't have to work.
this week I work a bit more but I feel like I am trying to cram in seeing everyone before they leave/i leave!
So many friends going off on holidays, camp or moving!!
But I am so pumped that I am leaving next week, it's getting so close!

I am so glad that we've gotten to become really good friends again, even if you do leave in 3 days.
ahh thats sad, only 3 more days until i pretty much never see you again ever.

oh and p.s. fuck car accidents. you ruin me actually.
this whole thing has just blown up into some huge thing.
now I have to meet with some insurance lady because I guess people have injuries (SINCE WHEN!?!?) ..like that was NOT written on the police report/statement thing.
I thing its all bs and 'someone' is mad because his car is going to get written off because we are going through insurance, and you just get more money when you lie.

otherwise life couldn't be better.

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12:38 a.m. - 2007-06-26


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