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I'm pretty bummed out right now.
I just can't decide on which reason, I guess there is a bunch..
I feel like I am dreading going away because I am working everyday, I hate work.
There is a new guy named Matt and he is pretty nice. I used to think he was sort of akward/weird but who isn't? He got his hair cut today and it's pretty cute.

I had a gift for my friend that leaves tomorrow, but I didn't bother giving it to him because I never got a hold of him.
He also left his hacky sack at my house, and he has my brothers t-shirt. I really liked that shirt too, well I hope you enjoy it (if you are reading this)

Well if anyone feels like chatting/hanging out whatever feel free because I officially don't have a life. It especially feels nice when your buds drunk dial you asking you to go out to the cabin..of course as a 'last resort' because none of the other girls were up there yet. I mean it's not that tuff to be a pal sometimes,

1:43 a.m. - 2007-06-29


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