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Well well well, if it isn't diaryland.
I've almost given up on this, so this may be my last entry ever..we will see how it goes.

My summer has been fantastic. There is no better way to explain it.
Only a few weeks after exams and graduation Katie Krenz and I were off on our adventure, 23 days in Europe. Probably the best experience I have had in my life.
We spent our first few days in London off on our own, pretty eventful- we went on the london eye, checked out the National museum, went to buckingham, tea with the queen, and shopped. We were so tired the first night we got there that we went to bed at 7 at night!
Then on the 3 our tour started, we had to be downstairs at 6am, where they weighed our bags, mine weighed too much! only by a little so I took my sleeping bag out then just put it back in once I was good to go.
The first little bus ride was to the cliffs of Dover where we took a ferry across to France, the boat was so rocky..didn't feel to hot.
We got a new tour guide and driver, Kelly and Lee. Probably the best people ever!

Paris-Spent two nights in Paris, just getting to know everyone. We saw alot, walked up the eiffel tour, saw the notre dame and the louve. They also had everything set up for the tour de France which was pretty cool, but we missed the actual tour by a day. At the contiki village they had us drinking wine and eating snails..pretty good.
The one night we had our welcome dinner, then everyone was off to the caboret, instead Katie, two 18 year old aussie's and I finished all the left over wine and stumbed down the hills of paris going from pub to pub until we got stalked by some french boys and ended up spending the night singing along with some live entertainment in some pub.
Lyon-From Paris we went to Lyon, we were supossed to stay at this chateau but it was over booked so they put us up in a hotel in town. It was pretty nice, all our windows faced a courtyard so we played catch with the boys. I roomed with two girls from New Zealand because Katie and I got split up. The one night we spent partying in Sindall's and Russel's room and ended up having the police called on us..which was sort of sketchy/funny but it was Kelly to the rescue, she sweet talked our way out of getting in any trouble.
woke up the next morning for wine tasting at 9am, not fun..but then we all bought champaign and wine and had a picnic on 'the top of the world' which had a 360 view of the wine region.
French Riviera- Drove to Nice in the French riviera, it was absolutely beautiful. We only had an hour from when we got there to when we needed to be back on the bus but Katie, Russel, Mike and I ran all the way to the beach so we could swim in the meditteranean sea, and had to run all the way back! spent the night in Monaco..wow, we drove along to cliffs and it was all lagoons, blue sea, mansions and palm trees. We ate with our boys infront of a bunch of yachts and later went to the monti carlo casino. The cars were pretty cool outside, pretty sure they were owned by the guys in the 'high roller' room...entrance fee, 25mil.
That night we had some aussie follow us back to our cabin, we had to ask him to leave so we could go to bed haha he was pretty funny.
Flourenc- went to some perfumery on our way to Flourence. We also got to stop in Pisa so we could all take those classic leaning tour pictures. Some of the boys got pretty creative..Sindall went around taking pictures of people who were pretending to hold up the tower, except he didn't include the leaning tower so everyone just looks like douches.
The second day we were there we had a tour and then spent most of the day in the market, there is so much cool stuff, lots of scarves and bags. That night we had a cool Italian dinner, we didn't have shot glasses for our evening shots so Kelly took it apon herself to hand out everyones shots, poured it down our throats.
We then went to a space electronic disco, you have to be quiet in Italy because everyone lives on the main streets..there is this rumor that if you are to loud they will throw pee at you from their window. This was proven true when a few group members narrowly escaped getting urine hucked on them! it was a pretty good laugh. The disco was sooo fun, downstairs was karaoke upstairs was dancing. It was all fun until our friend Vanessa started freaking out saying she couldn't find Sarah and told us her drink had been spiked. So everyone was freaking out thinking she got date rape slipped in her drink, we finally found her outside with Sindall getting sick, she was not drugged but very sick. The four of us girls taxied home, we had the funnest driver..we were all yelling CIAO BELLO out the window, but Sarah didn't have much fun haha.
Man the drivers there are SKETCHY. there is one way streets they decide would be fun to go the wrong way on, I yeah wow, very close to dieing several times.
Rome- had another walking tour and then went to see the pantheon and trevi fountain on our way to dinner. The trevi fountain has to be one of the most beautiful things I have seen..other than the boy who was there stealing all the money from the fountain! we almost pushed him in. We were on our own for dinner but all ate together. Katie had the end seat and was totally trapped against the wall behind her because there were so many of us..she is a trooper. We strolled around the square and Katie was harrassed by some guy who when we said no to buying a necklace continued to ask Katie for sex.
day two, woke up early and went to Vatican city. It was very neat, we went into st.peter's basillica, it was amazing! It's incredible the amount of art they have in there.
As soon as we were out of the church I had to strip because we were all in long shorts and long sleeves (church clothes) and it is really hot there. We went back early and spent the rest of the day by the pool. That night we had a 'no clothes party'. Russel was coronus maximus and I was pandora, we wore outfits made from beer boxes..over clothes though (I am not that hardcore!)
Venice- we went into venice for the day, Kelly had told us it's fun to just get lost. That's exactly what we did (but not on purpose..) We saw alot and got some mcdonalds! Met back up with the group for a gondola ride. We went with Sindall, Russel, Mike and Kym..very drunk boys. Mike passed out and Sindall was talking broken english to our boat guy (who knew perfect english) and they argued about the water rising for the whole trip!
Hopfgarten- austria had to be one of the nicest places on our whole trip. We first stopped in Tyrol to go white water rafting! probably the most fun part of the trip. I was in a raft with Damo and Maria and some crazy Austrain instructer, we flipped our raft several times..so fun!
stayed in a gasthof and spent the night taking it easy, we all watched eurotrip.
Everyone went on a bike tour/bbq the next day but Katie and I slept in and went to a near by lake. It was really really nice, and so hot! went into town to pick up a few things for that night- we had a 80's party. To kick off the night we had battle of the sexes. I was paired with some girl from another tour and we had 1:30 to make as many sex poses as possible..it was pretty funny. Katie, Ash, Michael and I spent the night tasteing the majority of the special shots..so good! ended up making my way back to the room at 4 (or later)..it was a pretty good night ;)
Munich- spent the day in Munich, where Craig met back up with us which was a big celebration (he had gotten sick in Italy and his sister had to get him) it was pretty cool. We went to a beer hall that night and drank ourselves silly. I don't think I have ever had so much beer! The steins were huge. We ended up going out with Kelly after to the hofrahouse (another beer hall) but went home a little bit after.
lucerne-spent the day in lucerne checking out the watches and army knifes. It rained and on our way to our hotel we hit a land slide! It was pretty crazy and we were stuck on a mountain for about an hour. The boys started a game of footy, let Kelly throw the ball and lost it off the side of the mountain. Mike, some how, was able to get it and all was well..no angry Sindall.
Finally made it to the hotel and walked around a bit, there was a river beside us that was really flooded from all the rain! I was really sick at this point so went to bed early.
The next day I slept through breakfast and most of the morning. We went into town and ate breakfast/lunch with Vanessa, Ash and Sarah. That night was Damo and Maria's 'inside out' engagment party which was alot of fun! everyone looked pretty good in there undies. Little Maria made everyone from the other tours strip inside out if they wanted to come party with us. The party was moved to the bomb shelter (at which point I lost katie...) and I danced for the majority of the evening.
Rhine Valley- went into heidelberg to a stein making shop. They had this cool stein that had a real peice of the berlin wall on top of the lid. That night we stayed at a hotel nicknamed 'grandma's house', it was like a bed and breakfast with old granny's..there was no partying that night.
Amsterdam- on the way to amsterdam we stopped in Edam for a bike tour, we got cute little granny bikes a peddaled around town. We got some crazy lady who went off about these hills..they were pronounce dikes so she thought it would be funny to use the word alot in a suggestive manner.
We stayed in this crazy ass hotel in Amsterdam, it had to longest hallway I have ever seen in my life! Katie and I had a room to ourselves and the room had a bathroom and a tv (pretty much luxury)
That night we all went to a live sex show, there was some audience participation and Russel, Sindall, Ash and Tom all went up..it was pretty fun. Katie was freaking out because she had an aisle seat and didn't want to be pulled on stage haha. After we all went out to the coffee shop and I tasted some of the local 'food'. Went to some karaoke club the rest of the night. We went home with Andrew and Bernard and bought some kabob's, the best thing EVER!..the next morning I found all the meat from my sandwich trailed along the long hallway.
Next day was cold, we shopped and ate and later had our goodbye canal cruise. It was rowdy and alot of fun! Had our farewell dinner at a chinese place then went out again for the last night of partying.
The last morning was a very sad one. We left Bernard and Roger at the hotel, Sindall and Russell had to stay aswell because Sindall had forgotten his passport in Rome! Man I already miss those boys so much.
We drove back to London where we stayed our final night. Everyone went down to the pub for goodbye drinks where we saw Lee again (he had left us in Amsterdam). It was pretty sad to be off again, I really did not want to come home.
The trip was just so amazing, the people I met were people I want to keep in touch with forever. Bambi (kym) was just hilarious..he shopped more than us! and Russell and Sindall were my favorite Aussie's ever. Then Michael..ok so he said 'damn girl' a little to much but he was still a really nice guy.
I don't think I have ever spent so much time with so many Australians but they have to be some of the coolest people ever, hands down.
well I would love to expand on this because I have so many stories but my eyes are getting blurry looking at this screen!

7:40 p.m. - 2007-08-12


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