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This has been a really good week. It's like everything I wanted to happen, happened!
I've finally started talking to the cute guy in my class..well actually it was more like he talked to me! and I'm really excited about that and hopefully we become friends.
Today was really fun because I spent my 2 hour break with Brooks. I think we will be good friends, he's really easy to talk to and we get along really well. We spent our break doing my economics test then going through this book of all these things we can sign up for. I really want him to do yoga with me but I think I might have the settle with squash.
Also today in marketing it was like my teacher was reading my mind. He made everyone get up and walked to different corners of the room depending on your answer to his question. Of course he told everyone who was single to go on one side while the 'attached' were on the other. I was really excited to see that my crush was on the single side of classroom. I will just have to keep working on it.
Other than that things are alright, I don't really want to work tonight because I still have 9 tests to do..by sunday at most. My teacher set the passing grade to modules at 100%, so if you don't get 100 you have to do it 2 more times to even access the next. Pain in the ass that it. I got one wrong on the first then second then just guessed on everything on the 3 and ended up failing it haha..but they take the best out of the three.
Anyways I'm pumped for this weekend, should be alright.

4:32 p.m. - 2007-09-27


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