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"I want to be able to create a new person without a history, without a mistake made, without a jagged memory that catches the corners of your eyes and makes a tear ruin your makeup. I want to fly into the world today, like I have never seen it before and it has never seen me. That gift of forgetfulness. I don't want to remember every single thing I have ever done. I want to surrender to new things, new days, new experiences. I want to know what I know and actually use the damn stuff."

"Happiness does not lie over any hill. It is not near, it is not close even, it is immediate. It is in you and on you; it already is. Just to be living is wondrous. We don't realize it until it's far too late. We have cancer, or we've lost our loves, or we drink it away, or we work too hard, or we blow it into the air in black puffs of smoke, it dangles like spit."

"You are happy. You just don't know how happy you are. You are waiting for something to happen that says, "You are happy now." It will never happen. Only in the innocence of a moment will you see anything with any clarity. There are no steps to happiness. There are no secret doors to unlock. Well, maybe one secret door; to accept your life and to be satisfied with that in and of itself. Just being must be enough."

"The human condition is vast and wide. It is complicated and so very simple all at the same time. We all find ourselves asking the same questions. Why, being the biggest one of all. It drives us mad that we cannot know why. You get pieces of the answer all your life. You get to see glimpses of miracles. You have to watch so closely though, or you'll miss them altogether.
Hope is never lost; it waits in our hearts like a floating feather. Or, it sits there like a stone, weighing us down. Hope is many things- it can lift you and sink you. Remember that. There is a time to abandon it."

"Sometimes words tangle up your heart. They can mean so much and on the other hand, mean so very little. You must take good care with a word. It is so big and it goes out so far, that it would burst your heart if you really knew. A word can kill a soul. Steal a breath. Beat one down into nothingness. A word can lift. A word can liberate. A word can console. A word can heal and forgive and triumph over hatred. Words are the biggest things we have. They are all we have. It is words that make us human."

-Jann Arden

I suggest investing in her book "I'll tell you one damn thing, and that's all I know!"

4:54 p.m. - 2007-09-29


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