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Dear all my loving little diaryland creepers..(If I have any?)

Well the last few days have been a riot, let me fill you in!
Saturday I ended up hanging out with one of the girls I met on the pub crawl me and mel went on. She's in my marketing class I went over to her dorm for some drinking, we also stopped by trevors, but not as long as I wanted to!
From there we went out to coyotes which was pretty fun. I some everyone!!!
Yesterday Sindall came to Canada yayyy. Katie and I went to the airport to greet him, and we finally met Sindall's aussie friend Simon (who is really nice!)
Katie had to go back to school but I went to Simon's to keep sindall some company while Si was at work. Later we had a few drinks and met katie for wings at FATS. It was a really fun night! I'm so happy sindall came, he's such a good guy!
I asked Trevor for some help with my accounting but he said he was too busy..can you say shut down? haha soo sad but he was really nice to me in marketing but I played it cool!
I met up with Brooks and we went for mcdonalds for lunch. I think he was a little nervous in my car..I'm not that bad of a driver!
But that was alot of fun, even though I felt really sick.
Since sindall and simon are at the hockey game tonight Melanie came and got me, we got our slurpees and corn nuts and played some online halo 3. Probably the worst people to play with because we just yell into the headset and start shit. But we are getting pretty good!!
We were going to go to the den with katie but plans didnt really play out. well I have to study so I guess it worked out ok!! anyways I've got to go..

7:31 p.m. - 2007-10-18


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