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Here is an entry consisting of all the people I feel were a significant part of the year 2007. (In no specific order)

Katie Krenz:
It was sad that we didn't get to graduate together but I got to spend my summer with her. I don't know if I would choose anyone else I would have rather gone with to Europe. Katie has been such a good friend. To me she is very smart, strong and independent. Qualities I admire. She makes me want to be healthy and to stand up for myself. I love her very much! I was bummed we didn't get to celebrate the new year together.

Melanie Keay:
I was so glad that Melanie spent the last two years at Wisewood and that I had one of my best friends with me through out high school. I am also glad that we had the chance to graduate with each other. I love the fact that she loves playing nintendo as much as I do. Corn nuts remind me of her. Melanie is a very classy and proper girl, but knows when, and how, to have fun. I am proud that her plans have worked out and she is finally off to Thailand and Australia in a week. I hope she has an amazing time.

Max Hurd:
I don't know if I talked to Max as much as I have in previous years, but he will always be one of my good friends. I always enjoyed our late night rides to that look out spot where we would sit and talk about boys. I hope he has a safe trip in isreal and Australia with Rebecca!

Lauren Strother:
I love Lauren. I love the fact that we don't need to talk to each other everyday, not even every other week. We can see each other and pick up where we left off still really good friends. I appreciate that she always has time for me, and that she is always wanting and willing to hang out when I ask her to. I admire how she wasn't like half the other girls in high school. She is really down to earth. I always really enjoy visiting with her family!

Wyatt Getty:
Wyatt will always be one of those people who are always just...I don't even know how to explain it. He is significant during 2007 for the same reasons for all the other years. He was pretty much my high school-love of my life since the first day of grade 10. And someone I never really got either. He has hurt me so many times and I have bitched him out so many times. But we have stayed good friends, and I'm glad. Baybee

Spencer Pidgeon:
I went to grad with spencer. I thought that was pretty significant because I started high school with him, and finished it with him. I'm glad we stayed friends for those 3 years. Spencer is a pretty important person in my life but I can't help but feel that post secondary has sort of torn us apart. Which really upsets me because we left with the "I'll email, it will be like I'm not gone.." Kind of deal but it's hard to find the time to even acknowledge each other anymore. But I'm guessing we have more important people in our lives

Brooks Leary:
Brooks has definitely been my best friend in the new school year, and my favorite new friend of 2007. It is crazy how we have become such good friends and can be so comfortable with each other. I'm able to talk to him about everything, things I don't even talk about with Katie, Mel or spencer. I like how there is no secrets between us and that he trusts me enough to tell me things he hasn't even told some of his really good friends. I also like how I like him but not in the way where I get all giddy and awkward.

Trevor Jones:
I guess I have to give this kid some recognition because I did spend two months obsessed with him. Maybe not obsessed, but with a very pathetic teenage crush. Trevor is pretty cool and I am glad we are friends. There was a point where I thought we could be more than friends but I definitely rather just be friend now that I know him a little more. I like how every time I see him he is happy.

Nick Plantje:
Oh Nick. What a guy. I think we spent the first bit of 2007 hating each other. Even though we got mad and sometimes I thought I could actually chop his head off, I don't think I could ever hate Nick. I admire how he is that funny, nice, immature guy that you can always rely on to make you smile. I am always so happy to see Nick now. I think not going to school with him has made me realize what a good friend he has been and how much I can miss him. I really hope one day we can go to disneyland together. Sometimes in life, all you need is a little Nick Plantje!

Johnston Crawford:
Johnston. Making an appearance as a memorable 2007'r. Probably just because he is that guy. I really like who Johnston is, and I think he is pretty cool. But sometimes I couldn't help but be upset at the lack of attention he gave to old friends. It killed me when he hugged me but was looking at other people, or was talking to me but was to focussed on other things in the room. I just always kind of wished we'de be able to stay good friends you know?

Harrison Wood:
I am so glad we were able to rekindle our friendship before he moved to the states. The beginning of summer was alot of fun because of him. I loved how we hung out everyday. I loved how we instantly were the same people we were from the year before. I am pretty sad that he had to move away. Especially just when we were getting back into a familiar routine. Kohler has been the only person I have really been comfortable with, and I seem to always be searching for someone who is just like him. But I think he was one of a kind. Plus my mom really liked him.

Andrew Sindall:
Sindall. Wow. I met Sindall in Europe, summer of 07, and he was the most amazing guy ever. I am more extremely happy that he came to calgary for a month. I am so privileged to have gotten to know him so well while he was here. He is truly an amazing guy. I appreciated how much he cares about Katie and I, and how he will look out for us. He is such a good person with such a great positive attitude, and sense of humor. I really hope he does come back because he was like a big brother to me!

Garret Sereda:
I have only known him for the later part of december but he has become a good friend really fast. He is super nice and has been alot of fun to hang out with. I think he needs some recognition because I am pretty sure he will become even more of a good friend this new year

Garret Jubinville:
So we met randomly at coyotes! But I go to school with him and he has been such a good guy. I like how we just instantly became friends and we are able to talk to each other so comfortably with out knowing each other that well.

The top 10 best of 2007:

1. Traveling through Europe, visiting 10 countries and meeting tons of amazing Aussies, South Africans and Kiwis.
2. Graduating high school.
3. The last Harry Potter book, and how I was able to buy it in London
4. Winning tickets to the American music awards and flying to LA on a whim with Maile. Getting to walk the red carpet and sit 6th row VIP with celebrities.
5. Getting to spend christmas with my family in Saskatoon
6. Finally turning 18
7. Going to post secondary and getting to meet new people
8. White water rafting in Austria
9. Finishing my last year of dance
10. Celebrating my brothers graduation from University

What I look forward to for 2008:

1. Going to Thailand with Lauren
2. Hopefully being a camp counselor
3. Maybe finally finding a boyfriend!
4. Being able to see my brother enjoy a semester off school- getting to go to Mexico and Montana for a nice break
5. Hearing from Melanie while she is on a trip of a life time.

2:36 a.m. - 2008-01-03


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