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I miss Brooks.
I want to be so mad at him but then he just turns around and is the best guy ever.
He actually just called me, after last night I thought we would go through another dry spell and we wouldn't hang out again this week, but he made an effort to call me. I love that.
Some times I just wish that he was single and I could pursue him haha

Lauren told me Spencer had to go to the hospital. That's pretty scary. I was talking to my parents about it and they said sometimes things like that happen because you have a tumor pushing against the back of your eyes. I don't think Spencer has a tumor, and I certainly don't hope he has one either. But if they took scans and they supposedly don't know what it is, hopefully that means it's nothing super serious.
But I hope he gets better soon.
I sort of wish I found out about it from him.

Last night I had it pretty rough. I was so happy when i got a message from Lauren. It was like she knew I needed to talk to someone. I seriously love that girl to bits.

Anyways I guess I should go to bed. I'm supposed to meet Brooks for lunch tomorrow (if he calls me back) so hopefully that will be alot of fun! I haven't seen him since the marketing exam and didn't even get to talk to him after it because he ran out of it pretty early for some dinner or something.

oh and p.s. I have a crazy stalker
he makes me really uncomfortable and I don't like like.
What should I do?

11:43 p.m. - 2008-01-13


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