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I was going through all my old journals today, some of them are pretty interesting, some are sad, some are horrible and some I'm just like wtf? I wrote that?

here are some peices I enjoy:

Aug 28- assumed to be summer of grade 10:
'I guess his band was practicing and then they were playing poker after. I was excited, I could hear his friends in the back ground and Andrew was like "Hi Courtney!" ...if only I could remember which one Andrew was.'

Aug 31- still summer of grade 10:
'we slept at Melanie's last night after stalking out Heritage park for Brad Pitt.'

Sept 6- first day grade 11:
'They came out while we were sitting there, it was weird and I didn't talk to them. What a way to see him for the first time in a while. I just get so angry at him I don't get him at all'

Sept 7- grade 11:
'I asked Spencer though and he said ok. Much more reliable. I'm glad he's my best friend'

Jan 2, 06- assumed to be my lord of the rings stage
'I just found out Aarogon is 87 years old. weird.'

Dec 28, 06- only days before..definitely my LOTRs stage:
'I've stayed up quite late watching lord of the rings. I wish I was an elf.

Dec 11- grade 11:
'All I do is stare at him, he probably thinks I'm so weird. He's so cute when he laughs, his eyes scrunch up and his laugh is high pitched. He probably thinks I'm so weird because when he looks at me I start giggling or smile so much. He makes fun of me for it.'

Nov 28- grade 11:
'I don't want to see [confidential] and feel like I want to throw up and pretend I don't care and that I don't like him cause I do, I would give anything to be able to smile and walk with him in the halls.'

Oct 13- grade 11, something someone said to me:
'"Why would you even bother asking that question. We're at the point where nothing can fix us. I don't like you. If I don't do anything at all will you leave me alone"

Wed May 3- grade 11:
'I think my life had learned to permanently suck. Drama fest started today YAY! This festival shows me just how much I hate drama. So many drama fags. It's insane. You should have heard them watching studio today "HAHhahaAHAHA". They even had to dramatize laughing, AKA Caroline's friend, wow. There are no words to explain. I can see her growing up to be a cooky teacher/cat obsessed lady who paints nude abstract stuff.'

July 5- summer of grade 11:
'I think you show someone that you care about them at the worst times (like when they get a gf!) because you want them to know that you still love them too.'

Aug 7- grade 11:
'All this talk about university and life after school is really scaring me, I'm having a mini panic attack..just wait..I'm scared of losing friends, people going to different schools. I'm scared of going somewhere where spencer or katie or melanie won't be because I'll be losing that relationship. I worry and plan, like being family friends when we're older and oh god. I don't know.'

Sept 10- grade 12:
'Eric taught me how to play 'clocks' by cold play on piano. When people would walk by us we would just play spooky music! duh duh duhhhhhh.'

Sept 11- next day:
'I tried to talk to Travis as much as possible. I finally got to work with him! it was great. He's such a good guy and he's still tight with god too. He's always trying to get me to come to his youth group.

Oct 18- grade 12:
'Every time I see Mr.F I get embarrassed because I think about the time I went to talk to him and cried. He's not even my teacher, I bet not even his own students do that.'

Nov 20- still grade 12:
'Spencer came over tonight to watch prison break and play some guitar hero. When he left he asked me to grad! I'm so happy and excited, he is exactly who I wanted to go with. I was scared he wasn't going to ask me. He seemed so nervous, and relieved when I said yes. I am relieved too. I wish grad was sooner.'

Dec 14- grade 12:
'So Wyatt told me he doesn't like me. He only likes me as a friend. Surprisingly he hasn't been the biggest asshole on the planet and actually makes the gesture to talk to me. And as upset as I am, I still see it as a nice gesture.'

April 13- grade 10:
'Spencer and I do fight alot though...like alot. It's upsetting. I even told him how everyday I wait for for him at the front doors hoping someone will eat with me or I'll be invited over.'

10:02 p.m. - 2008-04-10


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