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Sitting on the beach swing with Katie listening to her ipod. Going to Disneyland with my mom and dad. The feeling of getting on the plane and leaving to Thailand. Telling Ryley that I was spending 4 more months at camp. Saying good bye to Bianca at the bus station and crying my eyes out. Taking Tim to the parkade to say goodbye. Seeing my family after getting home from Thailand. Staying up in Melanie's kitchen late night making food. Telling Spencer how much he's hurt me. Making up with Spencer. Building snow forts in December. Tacky Christmas sweater party. Finding out Elise and Scott were together. Holding hands with Ryley. Talking to Taylor again. Making it to the top of look out. Canoeing in the dark with Jess, Jesse and Faith. Spending two weeks with fucking Mary. Walking along Laguna Beach. Sitting at the Kings game with Brian and my family. Watching the girls competition pieces at the show case. Wing night. Drinking three bottles of water a night. Elise in general. Walking back from the long house to my cabin in the dark. Camp fires. Singing to music with the girls. Staying in touch with Melanie and Katie. Being able to talk to my brother about anything. How this last month has brought Scott and I closer than ever. Fighting with Spencer. Talking to Nick about sharing a place. Getting my scuba diving license. Renting scooters around the island. Getting home from partying at 6am when subway is opening. Rope swings in Laos. Sitting in a tube on a river starring at the huge mountains. Gearing up a horse for a day ride. Standing on top of bald drumlin with the wind wanting to blow you off. Mattress sliding in the snow. Listening to Bryce play my girls guitar every night for two weeks. The feeling I get when I see Jay Blitzer. Falling out of cabs in front of bars. Group bathroom sessions. Shots with Melanie and Katie. Elise in general. Tree killing boundary walks. Getting mad at Ben. How mean I used to be to Phil. Kings of Leon. Ryley's mixed cd. Crying on the street curb. Jeff Lidstone. Making out with roommates in one night. Twilight. Every time I see Heather and the ridiculous things we get up to. Parkade with Katie. Smoking sheesha at the community center. Guss. Driving to Kananskas and laying in the middle of the highway starring at the stars. Michael Bernard Fitzgerald. McDonalds hang over cures. Fucking Pricey. Burning my chin on pizza in banff. sweet ass snow forts. The drive from camp to Calgary. Telling someone you have feelings for them for the first time. Late night talks in bed with Elise. Playing 007 with Kyle in Nuwest. Katie not being able to walk. Max Hurd. Camp fires in the back yard. My rubber boots. Nick Plantje, and how much I've loved him lately. Melanie moving out. Getting the email about Australia. Last ACNO at the legion in Exshaw. Sleeping in. Touching tigers. Riding elephants. Across the world connections. Not wanting to be the one to call. Temptation. That feeling of having a crush on someone. Missing the family reunion. Laughing about nothing. The kiss list challenge. Dare nights. Awesome Kitchen. and so so much more.

6:01 p.m. - 2009-01-02


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