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I've realized this play list turned pretty mellow pretty fast.
I was going to go more for a soundtrack to depict my life at the moment but didn't. So don't get any ideas.
I don't have any blank cd's. This is the next best thing to giving my friends mixed cds.

"paranoia in b flat major" the avett brothers
If beards like theirs could make me that amazing of a musician then I would grow one any day. Murder in the city is also a pretty good song. Imagine looking exactly like some body else. There is a reason one has a longer beard than the other.

"all my days" Alexi Murdoch.
This song reminds me of the perfect song that would be playing while the girl is flying with the geese in fly away home. Listen to the lyrics, I thought they were pretty well written. I really like this guys voice.

"rocky took a lover" bell X1
Bell X1 is such a good band. I would suggest looking into some of their other songs. This song is sooo good. Uhm they are also Irish, ten points right there.

"where I want to be" - the dangerous summer.
The whole entire album is a win. I am in love with the dangerous summer. Favorite band right now, it's on repeat. Such good lyrics.

"herion(e) and bones" DeYarmond Edison.
Lovely song, that's all I really have to say.

"cut and dried" Everlea
I really like this sound? I feel like it would have been a song on 500 days of summer. I would marry him.

"all the pretty girls" fun.
This is the guy from the format. Pretty much the most fun band that was ever made. No pun intended! I always get the best feeling when I love the singer as much as I love the music. He wins.

"ba ba ba" Fun.
More fun.

"firstborn" J. Tillman
Pretty mellow. You need to have a beard to be this mellow.

"we own the sky" - m83
Best pump up song ever. There is just something about it. When I listen to it I feel like I am about to embark on the biggest adventure of my life!

"where we gonna go from here" mat kearney
closer to love. Might like that one more

Daylight - Matt and Kim
I love Matt and Kim, I am glad they are Matt and Kim. Most awkward places to play music.

trouble sleeping - the perishers
Is this from the OC. This is from something and it is bothering me. You know when you hear a song and you just feel like it is just the most classic song ever? That is this song.

Pete Murray so beautiful
okay so he reminds me of an old vampire from the 1800's. no biggie

"solsbury hill" Peter Gabriel
What an amazing song. Please tell me you have heard this song. So so classic. They remind me of Jedi's in this video.

You are the best thing - Ray LaMontagne

hold me close - Richard Fleeshman
He's cute. But uh right I like his music too.

I'll forever sing- run kid run
Okay so they are VERY christian. And this song is VERY religious. But the lyrics are so good. If you just don't think about it in that way, if you think about it in your own way. I just really really like this song

Send me on my way - rusted root
100 bucks if you can tell me the lyrics.
This song reminds me of Australia because we listened to it a billion times on our road trip from Brisbane to Byron Bay. It's catchy!

learn to sing - sherwood
old song

crystalized - the XX
weird fucking band. Weird singer. Pretty cool song.

6:20 p.m. - 2010-01-29


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