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I feel like I am at quite a stand still.
My summer hasn't kept me overly entertained.
I know this is partly my fault. I could definitely do more to chase down some excitement. Sometimes I just feel so unmotivated. It's like a continuous circle.
I hate to think that I need to rely on a guy. But the beginning of the summer was a lot more fun for me. I had more to look forward to and I was always excited to spend time with Josh. Shitty how things work out.
He's been kind of shitty these past two weeks. What a roller coaster ride. Some days I get so frustrated but in the end I can't help liking him. My crush hasn't really gone away.
I really like work. I love meeting new people and I have really enjoyed making new friends there. I get really excited to go into work and I have the best time there. I wish I worked more!

9:44 p.m. - 2010-07-14


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