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I'm getting better at this. I saw Taylor last night for the first time and it went well. Well obviously we didn't have that much of a run in. But I sucked it up and said hi and tried by best to be happy and nice. I think the alcohol helping, a little liquid courage.
I feel a little dumb about crying at the party. I hate being emotional in front of people. It made me a bit angry because I just spoke to Taylor and he thought I was crying over him. I guess people told him that's why I was crying. I was actually upset over my Birthday this past Wednesday and how no one showed up.
And it's good because I really don't want him to think I'm that girl who was crying over him for some stupid reason. I didn't have any real reason to.
Seeing him kiss another girl for the first time since we've been apart on the other hand was a bit of a stab in my heart. But there were no tears. And I have to remember that last night I was the girl sticking my head over the smoke pit fence so I could get kisses from Sage who was at Riflandia. He's so adorable and I was so happy to share some kisses.

11:32 p.m. - 2010-09-26


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