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Chilver lake. Paddle butt races. catching tiger salamanders. Never touching the bottom of the lake. Tipping canoes. Sneaking canoes out. Shipping bikes from Bowfort to Hector. Hector water front field. Walks around the animal game. Drumming on bear bins. Carrying litres of water. Eating the chocolate chips. Sleeping in the middle. Being scared of bears when peeing. Listening to private 2. Bush whacking. Wilder pissing. The walk from Bowfort to Hector. Bobsledding on mattresses. Setting off fire alarms. Stella/baby cougs. Tree pushing. Running to your tipi at night. Laying in Hector field with your friends and a guitar and looking at the stars. Sneaking out of your tipi. Running from the old lodge to our house. Sleepovers in the old lodge. Canoeing in the rubbermaids. Being drowned by kids. Getting to shower early. The field in front of the craft shack. Teen time. Operation Kans. Sleeping under the stars. Painting your face with mud. Getting lost. Bush whacking up look out. Creepy chip. When we get hot chocolate. Eating kids snacks during day camp. Playing injured counsellor. Scofts snack. ACNO's. Dancing in the lodge. Sliding on the floor by the dish pit. Talking to aussie families on the pay phones. Counsellor tipis. Forgetting to close your tipi flaps. Squirrel tag. The chocolate tree. Telling kids Aspens taste like hubba bubba. Grand counsel walk. The bum hug. Rock paper scissors staff meetings. Ninja training. Counsellors clumps. Counsellor clumps by the coffee machine. Going to Hector period. All camp activities. Family camp. Girls crushing on boys. Getting mail. Being animals during eco-school. Running into windows. Getting cuts. Finding dead animals. The sun circles. Fresh air. Getting dirty. Tye dye. Kitchen staff cheer. Flag raising and appreciations. Butt head. Getting kids to carry your pack. Dance offs. Costume days. Themed dinners. Banquet night. Prop closet. Carrying wood to your tipi. Getting ready for bed in the pool house. pjs at camp fire. Inside jokes at camp fire. Getting free time ever. Muddy pit at the giant swing. Putting sticks in your climbing helmet. Two hands on the rope. Getting kids to high five you. Trying to be where your crushes are. The smelly out houses at higher ground. The flipping obsticle at low ropes. Rootbeer plant. Chasing goats and sheep. When your horse poops. Man-tongua. Training overnight. When steve-o peed his pants. Fire dancing. Nicknames with the Aussies. Soap stone. Making up songs. LD2's

1:07 a.m. - 2010-10-14


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