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But the thing is
What if he ever did turn around and come back
It seems like that's all I wish for
But would I honestly be able to do that, ever go back now?
He chose someone else, he ruined it for me, for us
I feel like I would wait and see, if he changed his mind or realized
But how pathetic is that? Letting someone fuck off and be willing to be okay and take them back. I would always be wondering, always feeling like it wasn't real. It wouldn't work. These are all reasons I need to forget it. I need to stop being so bitter.
I just want it to be that point where I actually realize all the things I say, and not feel like 'if he came around I'd take him back'

I'm envious of all the people I know who go through these tough times with their boyfriends but are able to pull through and make it work. But I guess it takes to people to do that, two people to try.
Sometimes I just feel like he gave up, and it makes me mad

8:09 a.m. - 2012-11-09


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