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Maybe I didn't notice if guys were into me back when I was in a relationship, or maybe they didn't show interest because I had a boyfriend.
But now I feel like I am overloaded with all these guys and I want nothing to do with ANY of them! Why does it always work like that?
It's also depressing that the first guy to ask me out post break up was a fucking weirdo and it sucks even more trying to think of an excuse to say no and the only thing you can think of on the spot is 'I have a boyfriend, sorry'. I practically cried in embarrassment and humility at the coffee machine while my boss and coworker had witnessed the whole ordeal.
It's also been making some friendships awkward. I hate when things get ruined because of that.

I know who I wanted, and I guess now I have to figure things out alone. I just can't see myself with anybody else right now.

11:35 a.m. - 2012-11-27


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