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In contrast to that positive note,
It makes me upset how some people are so selfish. I really don't like feeling as though I am a part of someones life on their time and their terms. That I get their attention when they feel like giving it to me, yet I am usually there for when they need me.
I don't like feeling second rate. I don't like feeling like I give to a relationship (for both the benefit of my own and theirs) yet I feel like they are only there to take and maybe give what they carelessly are willing to.
And I don't like feeling that way when I used to have better, and more.

I hope that I can recognize this when I do it to other people, because I don't want to treat people like that or make them feel that that's what they mean to me. And I hope that the people who do it to me, can come out of their selfishness once and a while, and realize that how they are treating me isn't quite fair.

Just saying.

1:05 p.m. - 2013-05-16


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