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I don't love days like these, where I feel this internal struggle.
I'm always wanting to tell you everything I think and feel about you.
How at times like this I miss you, how much I love you, how I can't wait to see you again. Because well, that's who I am. I want to make you feel good, I don't want to hold things in and regret not telling you.
But it's times like these, when I think about the times I do tell you I love you, and the way you say it back to me. I feel when I put you in situations like that its your own internal battle.
But I just can't help but let it out, when I've spent a day so happy with you, laughing and smiling, and getting to lay down beside you at the end of it. I know that I continuously search for validation if I don't feel like I'm getting it in the ways that I want. I just, feel like when you tell me you love me too it just doesn't sound the same anymore. I don't know if I believe you.

I guess because I don't want to tell you these things today I'll do it here.
I miss you, I'm excited for you to come home and see you again.

1:36 p.m. - 2013-08-19


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