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The thing about being in a relationship is that it's a two way street.
I feel as though I am some one who is very giving in a relationship - maybe almost to a fault?
I get caught up in not putting myself first. I get upset when people don't treat me the way I treat them. It hurts my feelings when someone can't do something for me when I want them to.
What I've been realizing more and more lately, through my past relationships and current ones is that people get stuck in their stubbornness while (not) providing the love that their significant other needs.
How is it so hard to be blatantly asked and told things, yet you can't do it because that's just not you?
I really need to finish my book on the Five Languages of Love. I just feel so stuck and I want to expand my relationships with others. I want to enhance them. I want to make them better.

10:30 a.m. - 2017-02-16


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