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I've never been fortunate enough to have my own dog (still hoping that one day this will change), so I feel extremely grateful that I was able to experience the love and friendship that a dog can bring into your heart through Tux.

There really isn't anything like coming home to a dog. There he is just waiting for you, so happy to see you. Tail wagging, beady eyes wide with excitement. Maybe he'll bark in joy, scurry off and come back with a gift - a slipper! Just for you!

That little face, those little eyes! Tux looked like a such a puppy all of his days. He was a handsome guy. So fluffy and cuddly, and so adorably embarrassing when he had to go in for a hair cut.

Tux was my buddy. He was my favourite dog.Tux came with me on adventures when no one else wanted to. He also joined along for so many highlights of my last relationship. My favourite memory was a night I stayed home at Nic's parents alone and he slept beside me, real close, as if he knew I was scared to be alone and wanted to keep me safe. My protector.

And the laughs! The laughs I got from his sneezing fits, it really never got old. Or when the snow was crusty but couldn't bear his weight and he'd scuffle along legs falling deep into the snow, or Nic picked him up and threw him in deep powder or the river. His bear booboo, humped the shit out of that thing!

I never liked when there were other dogs around. I kind of felt bad for Tux. I didn't like when he didn't get all the attention. He deserved it! He was the best!

And when it was time for me to go.. I missed Tux. I missed Tux just as much as I missed him, and his family, and that little mountain town we got to spend so many happy days in.

I'm glad I got to steal you for one last hike last year.. but my heart hurts thinking about how much I wanted to give you a little visit when I was there the beginning of this month. I'd give anything to get to see you one last time and give you a goodbye hug!

You'll be missed Tuxy bear. Thanks for being a such a wonderful part of my life.

11:33 a.m. - 2017-04-28


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