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Well, I came here upset and ready to unleash some emo spew but I got side tracked trying to post an image of the 'everything is fine' comic. I realized that I no longer know how to upload an image on an old cryptic database like Diaryland. Some times it boggles my mind the things I used to know. I'm also sad that I can't retain that information, yet it seems out-dated to know how to share my manic feelings on here through videos and images.

I also went down a hole of thinking how much more open I was writing on here. It's almost cringe worthy really going back as far as my high school days in those archives, but then this past decade is tight-lipped and skimming the surface. I think that maybe these past few years I have always just been... writing to you. My audience of one. No idea if you actually still check in on me and my inner dialogue, but I guess I always wished you did. Anyways, now that I haven't been journaling as much maybe I just need a space to let it out and, for the most part I'm pretty sure this space is undiscoverable. Actually that's a lie, because one time I had a friend google their name and they reached out with a link to my Diaryland where I had written out their full name in a post! Luckily it was a good post!

11:30 p.m. - 2020-04-01


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