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well im in vancouver now

and yeah its lame too..

were staying at my moms friends house they new each other since like grade9 cause they both lived in this little town.

well its lame here and i miss home and friends, and im so mad cause i missed pam and mel, assfj and i wont see mel for like long cause schools and its so stupid, and i bet they are happy im gone though, i dont think my friends like me that much they are probably all"yayyy courtneys gone'

i want to see alex agina

OMG thia boyas cell is ringing.

my moms friend has a son and hes like 20 and im in his room and his friends oare over and they are doing drugs and stuff and im just like uhhm msn is fun bye

9:53 p.m. - 2004-08-19


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