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charlie charlie!

better make this snappy i have dance soon
well uhhmm today was pretty good i like design studies lots cause i do nothing..and talk to people and i talked to johnston today! ..anyways did practice in drama today because matt never showed up.. took the wrong bus home so bought a slurpee and ran into mel..me and my brother then played online starwars..its hard, like harder than halo 2..
anyways uhm hopefully tomorrow shall be a good day? but i have to do drama at lunch..which takes up my whole effing lunch for the next week...shall be great..
uhmm maybe i will meet the crew at jj on wed. and no school friday wooo.. but i think alivia are playing...scotts coming? uhhasukjabf
anyways dance time!
p.s. today i was sitting with luke at the front doors and taylor came up and didnt even say hi, then they both just left..like?? bye
anyways OH i got tights from banana republic and i wore them last night and i got a whole in them and cut my knee...i have a maroon pair too?
anyways bybe
Mel we have to hang out

6:48 p.m. - 2005-02-07


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