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dont you want to know

frick my night was chillll haah!
i actually had a sweet night and it cheered me up. met up with katie and mel and we met johnston (which made the night so fun..hes such a sweet guy)....and then max met us ..actually like?...then we went to mels and played game cube!!!! then melanies mom let us take her car!!! like !!! sweet...so we drove to robbies...but he was avoiding me? kinda? so i just talked to people on my celly...hahahah and played dress up...AND aha with kendall and lauren we had this manican head and put it in my sweater...ellie fuckin screamed so loud!///sat with hesse. hes so sweet..haha and it was all mood and haha...then uhh robbies room was so sweet...i spent a good 5 minutes just standing there haha! but finally we left and i have richard a birthday kiss!!! aww (even though i was invited to his birthday).. but we drove around in mels car...johnstons a good driver! hah it was totally cool..johnston just make everything sooooo fun! hes so nice
so overall awsome night,
melanies great
hahahha funfufunfunf! in backseat sleeping!
thanks robbie
byebybeye haha i feel so left out man! melanies still out there somewwhere, i wish i didnt need to be homeeeee funfunfufn

12:37 a.m. - 2005-02-27


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