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edmontonians are gay

i just got home from edmonton.. it was ok
we stayed at my auntie kerris but trystan and dylan were at pisqualies so kerri dropped me off there and we watched sarha? shara.. anyways it was pretty good, i love my uncle he kept making lame but funny jokes.
after trystan and dylan came back with me and we all went to bed except i was scared of their basement so i kept the tv on with no sound and kept waking up every 30 minutes..so i had a bad sleep and am really tired
around 11:30 we went down to the grave yard and did this old chinese tradition thing where we all wrote letters and you burn them and they are sent up to heaven, it was pretty nice.
after we all went to my other aunties house and just chilled and ate food, and visited..
my grandpa gave me my 16th birthday present its a heart shaped necklace with diamonds and my birthstones all around it, he told me he gave it to my grandma a long time ago and thought i should have it. its so pretty
anyways first day of school tomorrow sort of? thank goodness aimee called me and were going together tomorrow because if i went alone i would be so nervous..like i would think i was there at the wrong time, or the wrong day and wouldnt know what to do, blah blah blah.
after school im going for lunch with spencer, i think aimee might tag along or whoever wants to join in the festivities.
AND THEN i have my first night of dance..
oh goodness, atleast its only two classes but i am so out of shape and we are going to have to do so many push ups and sit up i can tell already
im going to be sore all week!

10:46 p.m. - 2005-09-05


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