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i dont understand i dont understand i dont understand.
of course i dont, you dont let anyone understand.
ive been thinking about stuff and i realized that i have needed my two best friends so much. i am one of those people that just need to forget about things and hang out with friends and they are always there.. but im not sure if they realize that we all have each others backs.
it hurts alot when you try to be the best friend you can and you feel like youve been pushed out, it feels like i just cant help anymore.
everyone is going to be lonely if they push people out

something has sparked me, i think it was friday. i have come to the realization of just how important my friends are and the extent of what they would do for me. and it feels so great that i know i have friends that will always have my back to get me out of trouble or pick me up at one in the morning. i love my friends that much more

4:37 p.m. - 2005-09-18


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