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i just want to get my hair cut. why cant people be open on sundays, i dont get it, its the time when everyones free and everyone wants to get their hair cuts
spen was almost the boy in the book last night, yikess.. i dont know what to think about that.. i mean sure i always offer him stuff and tell him to do it, but im joking, i would never force him too, but now he wants to without being forced? i guess now he cant get mad at me for doing it, and i better be there.
i almost cryed when i got katie r's voicemail message, i actually love her, on friday we sat in subway for so long just talking about absolutely everything, its nice when some really cares and worries about you and wants to make sure your ok, even if they go to bed at 11 at night on saturday.
so laurn got green jackets email, and talks to him, so im going to go with her when she introduces herself, so i can be introduced, and make friends and then get his email!
i love lauren, and katie, and spencer, and caroline, and katie and meltron

4:11 p.m. - 2005-11-06


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