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i feel like swimming
i wish it was still summer and i could be at spencers house swimming in his pool right now playing that stupid golf tee game.
i miss the summer, i feel like i didnt make it as fufilling as i could have. i wish i hung out with spencer more, went on more adventures, made more friends, got more tanned, went cliff jumping with tarzan
i feel like doing so much
i feel like hanging out with johnston right now. its actually been sooo long since just the two of us have chilled. so johnston come over for dinner sometime. cause johnston you were the first boy to come over for dinner! actually maybe second, but you were better than the first so.
oh i almost forgot.. diary, i am in love with an older man
yikes cant tell who though, sorry
i miss driving around all night when we would just do nothing cause we could.
i wonder if everyones just growing up or falling apart?
i miss that feeling i had last night, and its worse cause i know it didnt mean what i wanted it too,
i feel like playing halo 2 with speeenpppeeeee
"those are strong words courtney"
i feel like writing so much but i cant think of anything,
you know what was really cool talking to grant last night!!!! i wont lie, i do miss him, ahh him and his friends are so cute, thinking of them makes me want to steal a car and drive all the way to springbank just to sit and watch his dumb girl hoe friends that want cock as much as an education.
actually wait, they probably dont want education, just cock.
i just want to go on a date.
i just want to live in a hotel like oliver from the oc.
want to know what the second best part of my night was..OLIVIA. i was soooooooooo happy to see her cause she is sooo cute and ncie
k so much drama. i dont even know,
i iwsh i was ther tonight,
i have the rest of the year right, there are sooooooo many things i want to do this year/ happen this year
im all of a sudden number one person to talk to on msn now?
not really, im not used to talking to people.
all i want to do is talk with my older man, who looks my age, and i sort of intemidating, i will update on this sit.!

11:07 p.m. - 2005-11-13


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