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\"were going to have monkey janitors!!\"

i love how when cams team made nice shots rhys and johnston would stand up and shout WHAT WHATTT
IM SO UPSET..i just remembered that i work tomorrow.
i work tomorrow
i actually dont know what to think. im skipping school, its going to have to be the option
i was craving pizza alllll morning and it felt so good to be able to eat it at lunch

in psych today we were talking about photographic memeories, and i asked alex if he had one (he was in our group disscusion) and he said he didnt but he just studies every night.
every night
i cant even come to studying before a final exam let alone review.
anyways uhm this weekends looking kind of boring for me,
work friday
work saturday
work meeting sunday
i wish blake didnt quit so i could have atleast had one shift with him, but theres so many employees that probably would have never happened. i would have seen him at the meeting though! LOL!
anways uhh yeah..uhm oh i think im going to the lion the witch and the wardrobe with kyle. im excited to see that, i wonder when it comes out?
im such a bad predictor of his and emilys relationship..sorry!
uhm yeah i have to print off info for me talis and lukes project on models!!!

4:11 p.m. - 2005-11-17


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