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my new favorite thing is working with andrew. i just cant get over his laugh, he squints and has a high pitched giggle, its cute. i think some times hes more stylish than me, maybe we have somewhat the same style, cause hes inbetween boy and girl and so am i. today i think we had a ten minute conversation about woodbine and how he lived there. i dont know what the point was, cause he doesnt live there anymore, and it was when he was in grade 1... i guess maybe if i ever need to write a book about him i have some key information. today i threw away kristens photo of "hank the christmas pig" and she ended up working and found out that i did it, i was sort of scared, shes sort of muscular.

anyways, did i tell you how much me and lauren are alike, we even said have a good night at the exact same time last night WOOOOOhhh. i think we have some mind thing cause she always asks me about everything i want to talk about

9:12 p.m. - 2005-12-11


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