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was i leaving you hanging there for a bit?
prison break was really good last night even though i missed like 10 minutes!
drama is fun, jeremy marks hard so everyone loves me.
i really like blaire, its weird!? she said fuck today and it was the most horrid word i could think of coming out of her mouth. it made me uncomfortable like she was saying it under pressure or somehing.
anyways spencer ate lunch with me today which was nice, it made me feel alot better. it was my birthday lunch.
alex, like smart quiet alex from psycology was wearing a him shirt today, spencer said he was wearing a my chemical romance shirt yesterday. weird, i smiled at him and he smiled back. i still think he is so nice for sticking up for me against dusko
what else..
im excited that i will only have to work sunday and then i will have a whole week off. they are going to be so mad when i get back!!!
i want to see the new jackass movie they are my idols hah
i sort of dont want to go to ballet tonight but do at the same time,

5:07 p.m. - 2006-09-19


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