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only move if it adds to the stillness,
only speak if it adds to the silence.

guitar hero, melanie, riley, birthdays, dr.pidgeon and lion hair brighten my days

i love being mean in drama, muhaha
and to joel, even though i am totally joking, i love jewish people

so pumped for grad committee.. and, i dont know.
i feel like i have so much to talk about but i guess i dont really have much. im so excited and happy and thrilled with all my friends right now. im going to talk about them.

i am so excited for melanies and katies 18th birthdays! they are going to be official young adults, now im going to have to go pick them up from the bars when they are too sick to function! the whole month of december is going to be a blast because of birthday colaberations!! everyone come out and join the festivities!
I am also excited about working in cool groups in social like chad riley and logan. I think it's fun to converse with people you don't ordinarly do because it's interesting and you don't already know everything about them. I like how james knows how to do that weird asian/ib pen swirling thing, very cool. Im excited that i got a few other people to write to dr.pee even though i don't know how many spen can use. I'm excited about other peoples crushes and how they are working out. im excited about the cute teachers and evan and gary and yon, even though i don't know who he is. And im happy that i can joke around in drama about joel and borat, and then i can yell at the class for talking and confiscate cell phones and go yell at the girl in the library.
oh and i cant forget cody, joey, rhiley and taylor hoover because they are the best/funniest/entertaining class ever.

i want to see unaccompanied minors. haha , anyone?!?

5:29 p.m. - 2006-11-30


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